Our MBS mint will close forever on Sunday, March 26th, end of day! Until then the mint is open to public at a discounted price of 0.55 ETH (approx. 885€). Last chance to ever mint a MetaBrewSociety Genesis NFT!

With the MBS NFT, you get, among other benefits, 240 cans of free beer per year delivered to your home for free lifelong.
Become a part of the beer revolution now!

We are glad you reached our NFT Page directly. Please use these links to get more information:

Once you have all information you can go ahead below to get one of your NFTs paying with Credit Card or a Ethereum Wallet like MetaMask .



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As a holder you can invite others to join and earn a 10% kick-back.
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New to NFTs?

New to NFTs and don't have a wallet yet but want to become a part of MBS?

No problem! By buying with credit card you have the option to have your NFT managed in the "Winter Wallet" by our partner.

Need some help?

You don't have any crypto knowledge yet but want to learn more or even become an expert?

Our partner Cryp2D has the right solution for you.

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